‘ARTimeleia’ is an inclusive theater group consisted of disabled and non disabled actors based in Athens. Its primary aim is to explore the unlimited possibilities that the physical limits offer in an integrated theatrical environment.

Artimeleia is a Greek word that means ‘whole and healthy’. For the group ‘artimeleia’ defines the wholeness and health through ‘art’.


Founder-Artistic Director

Annita Capousizi (Anna Kapousizi) is a teacher and program director of theater with people with neuromuscular disorders.  She has a BA in Greek Literature, majored in Linguistics, a diploma in Acting and an MA in Theater Studies.

She worked as an actress in performances in various theaters and festivals in Athens, including Hellenic Festival.

She has worked as a Drama Teacher and Head Theater Program Coordinator in theatres and multi-cultural spaces.

In 2011, she cooperated with MDA HELLAS (Institution for people with neuromuscular disorders) as a Drama Program Director.

Since then, she has devoted her work and research on building the suitable medical and artistic background for the production and staging of performances integrating disabled and non-disabled performers.

She has developed her research on a neurological approach to acting as a Fulbright Scholar in Carolina’s Healthcare System Neurosciences Institute, North Carolina and in American Center for Alexander Technique, New York.

She has presented her work on theater with neuromuscular disorders as a Fulbright Visiting Researcher in Oregon Science and Health University (OSHU), in the 4th World Parkinson Congress where she also leaded a theater workshop and in ACAT NY where she staged a performance.

She is also a member of Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and Hellenic Theater Studies Association and European Network of Research and Documentation of Performance of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net).

She is the founder and artistic director of theater group ARTimeleia (www.artimeleia.com), founder of ISON-Inclusive School of Theater and Dance, co-founder of Directors Lab Mediterranean.


Connie Zikou, actress

Eva Lampara, actress-web designer

Mariliana Lygeri, actress

Apostolis Tsatsakos, light designer