‘ARTimeleia’ is an inclusive theater group consisted of disabled and non disabled actors based in Athens. Its primary aim is to explore the unlimited possibilities that the physical limits offer in an integrated theatrical environment.

Artimeleia is a Greek word that means ‘whole and healthy’. For the group ‘artimeleia’ defines the wholeness and health through ‘art’.

Annita Capousizi, Founder-Artistic Director

‘ARTimeleia is the answer to every question reagarding my path in theater staging and practice’

Eva Lampara, actress-web designer

‘I open and close my eyes. Breath in, breath out. Try to regulate my breathing, while I wonder if i can make my body learn to live without oxygen. And then i smell the sea. ARTimeleia is my sea.’

Stella Diakatou, actress, sociologist

‘ ARTimeleia is my family. And as that it makes me feel free, believe in me in what i do, and it opens new roads and perspectives that i had never imagine.’

Panos Polypathelis, actor

‘ARTimeleia is a new world for me that helps me learn more about myself and develop. Expand my limits.’

Apostolis Tsatsakos, light designer

The attributes of sight :
Darkness and Light, Solidity and Colour, Form and Position, Distance and Propinquity, Motion and Rest.

Mariliana Lygeri, actress

‘A never ending wondering to my inner world’.