Οκτώβριος 2020- October 2020

Ένα κορίτσι με ίσκιο αγοριού- A girl with a shadow of a boy

This production talks about the stereotypes in our lives. It was prepared to be staged in playgrounds around the city of Athens.

It was staged with the kind support of the J.F.Costopoulos Foundation



Μάιος/Ιούνιος- May/June 2019

Η Αλίκη στην Χώρα των Θαυμάτων [ερωτηματικό]-Alice in Wonderland [questionmark]

An adaptation of the classical ‘fairytale’, based on the sociopolitical aspect of the story. In this performance, the group experiments with different kinds of theater styles, such as black light theater along with video projections.

This performance was staged with the kind support of the J.F.Costopoulos Foundation




Ιούνιος-June 2017

50μ ελεύθερο- 50m freestyle

A performance about the distances we have to cover in our lives. The training of the actors in this performance was based on a research integrating neurological and acting exercises in one syllabus in order to find the best way for the actors to perform.



Μάρτιος- March 2017

‘Long Roads’ by Lena Kitsopoulou. Studio performance staged at ACAT, NY.

Specially translated and adapted as part of A.Capousizi’s Fulbright Artist Scholar Project.

long roads final


Ιούνιος- June 2016

‘Εύθραυστον, για το μύθο των Ατρειδών’- ‘Fragile, about the myth of Atreides’

It is the story of the ancient myth of Atreides, through extracts from ancient tragedies, poems and two original texts from two members of the group. It is the first time that the theater group integrates with fully able bodied actors on stage.



Ιούνιος-June 2015

‘Αγγίζω Σε’- ‘I touch you’

The performance is based on stories that the group itself produced, after a 3 month workshop on writing theatrical texts.

The theme is: ‘Stories from every day’s madness in Athens’.

It is the first time that there is an attempt of exceptional movement on stage by two of the members of the group. Both with different types of myopathy.




Μάιος- May 2015

‘Μεγάλοι Δρόμοι’-‘Long Roads’

This performance is based on ‘Long Roads’, by Lena Kitsopoulou. It’s the story of a woman on the run in the city Athens, trying desperately to find her beloved one. In this performance, only one member of the  group takes part, along with a musician and an actress able bodied. The actress is hanged by the ceiling in a way that the audience can see only her feet. From the actress on the wheel chair, you can see only the face and from the musician, only the hands. That way, you can watch a dismembered body on stage, moving, trying to show that the limited movement of a body on a wheel chair doesn’t put limits on the actual expression of the movement.

megaloi dromoi final kathara


Ιούνιος – June 2014

‘Μια απόπειρα πάνω στις απόπειρες’- ‘An attempt on “Attempts on her life”.

This performance is based on Martin’s Crimp, “Attempts on her life”. The group works with the method of the devised theater. It is the first time that combines movement and acting with video art.

apopeires afisa


Ιούνιος- June 2013

‘Εσείς, όχι?’-‘Don’t you?’

This performance is based on Max Aub’s book, ‘Exemplar murders’. There are small texts that describe in a black humorous way, murders that were made under extreme circumstances. The show is supposed to be happening in the psychiatric section of a prison, in which all these psychotic criminals, every Saturday night, have a formal dinner, describing their ‘achievements’ under the supervision of their guardians and their doctor. This is the first performance of ‘artimeleia’, former MDA theatrical group.